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Advantages of Using a High-Street Estate Agent vs an Online One

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When selling your home, you want an Estate Agent that provides an affordable, yet professional service.

If you’re tempted by the lower fees offered by online companies, you need to weigh up whether you’re still guaranteed the expert level of service you can expect from High Street Estate Agents such as Mallard.

Don’t be seduced so easily; here we look at the advantages offered by traditional Estate Agents as opposed to online ones.


1. Sound knowledge of the local area

In order to carry out an accurate valuation and sell your property effectively, an Estate Agent needs to know a lot about your local area. With high-street branches in Llanelli, Ammanford and Mumbles, Mallard Estate Agents have a wealth of knowledge about each of these areas, allowing them to make a true valuation and highlight positives to prospective buyers.

On the other hand, online agents based miles away from your area often have to rely on research to fill gaps in their knowledge, making valuing and marketing your property more difficult.


2. Will conduct viewings for you

Online estate agents tend to have a very hands-off approach to selling compared to high-street estate agents. As they may not have representatives in your area, you might need to show buyers around your property yourself. Although some people will be happy to do this, it can seem daunting if you’re not a big talker or simply don’t know what to say. Estate agents with several years of experience will know exactly what to say to prospective buyers to make your property as appealing as possible.


3. Open and honest when it comes to fees

A high-street estate agent may charge slightly more in fees, but you need to consider why fees for online estate agents are sometimes so low. For instance, would you be happy to pay for and put up your own “for sale” sign?

As a reputable high street agency, Mallard offers a completely transparent service with no hidden fees, and you know you’ll get what you pay for.


4. You can develop a relationship with your agent

You can meet staff from a high-street estate agency in person and build a relationship with them as your sale progresses, knowing they’re always on hand should you need them.

In contrast, many online estate agents operate out of call centres, meaning there’s no guarantee you’ll speak to the same person each time you call. There may be several people dealing with your case, as opposed to a small team of individuals, making it more difficult for you, and anyone interested in buying your property, to get in touch.


5. Online agencies often only offer their services online

When a prospective buyer wants to make a booking to view a property with an online agency they often must create an account and make all their bookings and offers over the internet.  Whilst many people are confident doing this, is it worth the risk to lose out on those potential buyers who don’t have computer skills or can’t be bothered to take the time to create an account?

With a traditional high street agent buyers can ring and book their viewings immediately without any delays or hassle. With an estate agency such as Mallard you can do either!


6. High-street agents have credentials

Practically anyone could create a website and call themselves an online estate agent. Are they qualified? What is their complaints procedure like? These are the important questions you need to ask.

You can have peace of mind that good high-street agents like Mallard will be accredited and qualified, with access to an independent ombudsman.


Jason Williams, Senior Partner at Mallards Estate Agents states

“We understand that people can be initially attracted by the lower ‘internet cost’ of online estate agents, however people underestimate the positive effect a local estate agent can have on the actual sale of their house. Many times they can negotiate you a better price on the property as well.”


For more information if you are looking to sell your property in the Ammanford and Llanelli areas, contact Mallard Estate Agents and one of our local experts will be happy to give you advice








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