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Buying Your Next Home: New Build or Existing?

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If you are looking to buy a home, then consider this: do you want to buy a newly-built or a pre-existing home? Here is an outline of the advantages of both types:

New Build

  1. It’s a fresh and easy start

The style of the house will be up-to-date and so making large alterations will not be necessary (for example kitchens, bathrooms, windows). If you are the first owner there will be no need to redecorate, and even if you are not the first owner but the home was recently built, very often the paintwork will not need to be changed.

  1. Reasonable and appropriate pricing

Building developers sell their homes for reasonable prices. They want to sell them quickly to move onto a new job, so they price very appropriately in order to do so.

  1. Environmentally friendly and cost friendly

New homes must comply with current environmental regulations, so they are much better for the planet than older homes that were built when standards were lower. You can often save money on utility bills with new homes because they are energy efficient. They will have double-glazing and high-quality insulation.

  1. Modern-living

Many new builds are fitted with new technologies such as smart-home features. They also often have open-plan living which is the latest trend.


Existing Home

  1. Character

Older homes often have a lot of character, they may have periodic features that you find appealing and the gardens may be larger.

  1. Community

Existing properties are often situated within established communities with neighbours. Therefore, you will not only be purchasing a home, but you will be becoming a part of something much bigger. It is also likely that amenities exist in the area, such as post offices, pubs and shops.

  1. Potential to renovate

If you are looking to renovate a home to add your own mark upon it, then an older home can prove to be the perfect canvas for your new ideas. A less expensive existing home that needs repairs, can be increased in value through renovations.

  1. Large choice

There are many older homes on the market today, of all different varieties and styles so you can easily choose one that is most suited to your taste.

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