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How to Choose a Chartered Surveyor

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When you decide to look for a new home, you will also need to consider looking for a chartered surveyor. Even though you aren’t always obliged to get a survey carried out on a potential new property, it is highly advisable that you do so. That’s because a survey can flag up any issues that you might have to deal with in the future. For example, you can find out about any structural problems with the building or its risk of suffering from dry rot and rising damp.

So, if you are currently looking to hire a chartered surveyor who operates throughout Swansea and West Wales, you will probably be wondering what type of things you should be looking for. In this blog post, we’ll cover a variety of things to look out for.


A Strong Portfolio

Ideally, you should look for a chartered surveyor who offers a large portfolio of a variety of different levels of services. The portfolio should cover properties to sell and let, and it’s also good to see a mix of commercial and residential buildings in there too. This shows that they are knowledgeable about a variety of properties and buildings, and will know the exact type of issues to look out for in each kind of property they survey.


Plenty Of Experience

 It is also important that you find a firm who has plenty of experience in surveying buildings and properties. That way, you can be 100% certain that they are thoroughly knowledgeable and informed on the best practices within the surveying industry. Generally speaking, a firm who can show you a sizeable portfolio will have all the experience you need.


Good Local Knowledge

Chartered surveyor firms who have a good knowledge of the local area and property market are a lot better to hire than those who don’t. So, as you are looking for a surveyor in Swansea and West Wales, you’ll find that Mallard are one of the most knowledgeable in this location. It’s important that companies have some local knowledge, as they will then know about any location-specific problems to look out for.

Jason Williams, Senior Partner of Mallard Properties states ‘We always recommend that people get a survey on a house they are buying.  It gives the buyer peace of mind and if there are issues uncovered they can be addressed with the seller before any exchange of contract’

Hopefully, these pointers will help you search for your next chartered surveyor!, Mallard Properties has highly qualified and experienced chartered surveyors who have extensive knowledge of the South West Wales property market and collectively have over 100 years experience so be sure to give us a ring for more information on the surveying services to best fit your needs!





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