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Landscaping and Gardening Tips: Spring is Almost Here, Get Your Home Looking Perfect!

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It is vitally important that your home looks fresh and immaculate when showing it to potential buyers. Now that spring is just around the corner it’s time to widen your focus to your home’s outdoor space. Jason Williams, director at Mallard Estate Agents in Ammanford and Llanelli says “Having a beautiful garden creates instant appeal and so is very effective in ensuring that the first impression people have when viewing your home is positive. Spring is an ideal time to sell your home as buyers want to be in and settled by summer!” Here are some tip tips to creating a nice landscaped garden.


  1. Weeding

One of the simplest ways to tidy up your garden is to remove the weeds from around your home. It is important that you keep weeding up-to-date throughout spring, because without the correct maintenance they will quickly grow back. Keep your flowerbeds, paths and drives clear by pulling the weeds and spraying with natural or chemical weed-killers to keep them weed free all season!


  1. Devote Time to the Lawn

Whilst this may seem like obvious, mowing your lawn on a regular basis throughout spring will help to keep it fresh, green and tidy. A tidy lawn makes the entire property look neat and tidy and can also make your garden look bigger.  Spring lawn feed can help make sure your garden stays green and weed free all season!


  1. Plant Flowers

You can use pots or flower beds, but you should ensure that your garden has a variety of natural colour scattered about. Vibrant coloured flowers are very effective in adding life to the garden, just make sure that you don’t over power the area as buyers may be discouraged if they think they will have to keep up the same kind of intense maintenance that you have!


  1. Features

If it is within your budget, you could add a paved walkway or patio to your garden as these are always an attraction to buyers as a promise of a place to sit and relax in the summer. If you already have these features, then give them a good power wash to remove dirt and debris. You could also add nice quality garden furniture to your outdoor space. This will give the impression that your garden is somewhere to spend quality time, almost like an extra room to the house!


  1. Trim Overgrown Plants

Trees that are neglected and hanging over your house or garden, bushes that have expanded, plants or hedges that look messy and out of control are all instant turn-offs for buyers. If it looks like you have neglected your garden plants, then buyers may get the impression that you have neglected other aspects of your home as well. So, prune those plants and it will help tidy up both the appearance and impression people have of your house.


Tending to your garden is a simple way to attract more potential buyers to your home and the small effort and relatively low cost of doing so is sure to be more beneficial than it is strenuous.


Remember, if you don’t want to do landscaping and gardening yourself then neither will your buyer, so get it all done for them! You can easily hire someone to do it for you if needed, just make sure that one way or another it is completed, then you can enjoy the result while your house in the market too!


If you are interested in selling your property, Mallard Estate Agents will provide you with great insight into the best ways to sell your home and will help you through the entire process!  For more information give us a ring on 01269597949 or 01554777007 or visit

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