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Moving to Ammanford

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Have you recently moved to Ammanford or are you thinking about moving there? There are some great properties up for sale right now, many of which could be perfect for you and your family. With a population of over five thousand and a centre point as the main shopping town of the area, Ammanford is a beautiful town, not too far from Swansea. Once a coal mining town, today it is a modernised and magnificent place for new couples or young families to set up home with an abundance of activities and adventures close by. Here are some of the things you need to know.


A Warm Heart

In the centre of the town, you will discover a friendly, compact shopping district with all the shops you could want close by. It’s here that you will also find a communal spirit alive and well, where you’ll meet friendly shopkeepers and other town residents. You’ll find everything from your local Argos to Specsavers, right here on your front doorstep. It certainly makes a wonderful place to visit at the weekend, for all your shopping needs or even for an evening meal with the family.


The Grass Is Greener

If you’re looking for a place to enjoy the outdoors either as a resident or a tourist, Ammanford has a great number of choices to consider. There’s Betws park, a forest concealed lush green haven close to the edge of town. Here, you can share a picnic with the family, enjoy a kick about or take the dog for the walk. Part of what makes this park unique is that it is completely surrounded by woodland. Upon entering, you can feel completely secluded and cut off from the outside world.

Next, to Betws Park, you’ll discover the River Amman. The great river runs through town and is a very popular spot with tourists and locals. In the summer, you’ll often find families taking their children down to the river for a splash and a play in the shallows. Around the edge of the river, there are also plenty of nature trails as well as steep rocky slopes for mountain bike enthusiasts.


A Long List of Leisure Activities

Whether you want to stay fit or take your kids somewhere on the weekend, make sure you check out the Amman Valley Leisure Centre. With a friendly team of staff, the centre is packed full of different activities to try; including tennis courts, two large swimming pools, and a full fitness club. You won’t have any trouble staying in shape living in Ammanford, and the centre also caters for children’s birthday parties.


Enjoy the Latest Movies on The Big Screen

Ammanford has its own cinema which is another great treat for parents looking to entertain their kids on a rainy day. Brynaman Public Hall cinema always has the latest films, and the cosy atmosphere makes a nice change to the hustle and bustle of larger venues.

Ammanford isn’t too far from Swansea, Llanelli or Carmarthen, meaning your choices of things to do is even larger when you include these towns as well. They are easily within driving distance for a fun day out.

We think you’ll love living in this wonderful town!

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