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Pricing Your Home

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Pricing your home

Selling your home starts with pricing your property. By pricing it correctly, you stand a better chance at a quick sale and can get the best value possible. If you take a gamble and put your house on the market for a low price, it may attract lots of buyers, but you will struggle to make any money. On the other hand, a house priced too high won’t attract any buyers as they’ll look for something more affordable.


Consequently, you need to give pricing some serious thought, and the best way to do this is by listening to your agent. An estate agent knows all the tricks of the trade to help you figure out the perfect price for your home.


If you’re wondering whether or not you really need to listen to your agent when pricing your home, here are some key reasons you do:

Updated Market Knowledge

One of the main things an agent has over the general public is a knowledge of the current market. An agent can help you find the best price based on what the market is currently saying.


Good estate agents regularly consult data to see what similar houses have sold for in the area. This research helps the agent to ensure your house is priced in the right band.  People searching for homes to buy in the area will have a rough idea of how much homes should cost and if your house is priced too low or too high, you could lose money or interest.

Buyers Search Via Pricing Bands

When most people buy a home these days, they search on property websites like Zoopla and Rightmove. One of the first things they do is set price parameters. They only concern themselves with homes within their chosen price range. If your house is a £150,000 house, but you’ve priced it at £170,000 to try and get more money, you miss out on people searching for houses £150,000 or less.


These people are looking for houses like yours, and you won’t show up in their results! Agents can advise you on making sure your home is found by the targeted market.

Developing A Pricing Strategy

It’s vital that you have a good pricing strategy if you want to make a profit on your house. It may be that the price you list your home for, won’t always be the actual sale price. By listening to an agent, you will learn the right strategy to use.


Good estate agents will help you figure out the perfect price to list your property. It may be such a good price that a handful of people become interested in it. Gaining this much interest is a key step in the pricing strategy as you may end up getting more than the asking price because none of the parties wants to miss out!


Mallard Property are here to help you get the most out of your sale. Our agents can advise you on the best price to help you sell your home quickly and for as much money as possible. We are experts in the local market and know what our buyers are looking for! Speak to one of our local agents and let us help you sell your home!





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